DIY Functional Wall Tattoo

Hello everybody!

Our flat is not the biggest in the world, so this wall was the only place, where we could place coat stand. On the internet I found this amazing coat stand, (now I can call it my inspiration):
But I'm not that kind of person, who pays for a thing like that more than 200 Euro :) So at the end I came up with the idea to paint a tree by my myself. 
Firstly I draw a sketch with pencil on the wall, than painted it black. To make this drawing functional we attached on one side of the tree 5 wooden hangers. That't it! It took for me app. 6 hours to paint it and costed about 20 Euro. So I saved not only money, but also I can enjoy an unique home decor everyday. Here is my DIY wall tattoo/ coat stand:   

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