Highlights from Berlin MBFW

Hello dears!

Recent weeks can be named as fashion stream weeks all around the world! I'll need at least one more week to look through all the collections and beauties, presented on catwalks:). There are already lots of posts and articles from/about Paris haute couture collections and without doubt, clothes presented there are nothing else but ART! But about this Parisian beauty fiesta I decided to write in upcoming posts and today on my blog - highlights from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, that caught my eyes.

First of all, like a real patriot I have to mention, that on the Baltic catwalk collection made by Lithuanian designer - Agne Kuzmickaite was presented. In my opinion, her creations are a real triumph of  femininity! Just take a look at these lovely butterflies and adorable final dress
 (Photo source: http://berlin.mbfashionweek.com):

Stunning dresses for Autumn 2013 made by young Spanish designer  Leandro Cano (Photo source www.vogue.de): 

I totally fell in love with Lena Hoschek dresses suggested for A/W 2013 (Photo source www.vogue.de):

Little black dress according to Dawid Tomaszewski Autumn 2013 (Photo source www.vogue.de):

Laurel interesting and stylish way to wear electric blue and fur A/W 2013 (Photo source: http://berlin.mbfashionweek.com)

Basler beauties for A/W 2013 (Photo source http://berlin.mbfashionweek.com):

Great pattern of the dresses and inspiring hairdo by DIMITRI  (Photo source: http://berlin.mbfashionweek.com):

I would definitely wear these Rena Lange outfits for A/W 2013 (Photo source: http://berlin.mbfashionweek.com):

Creative and colorful - Miranda Konstantinidou for A/W 2013 (Photo source: http://berlin.mbfashionweek.com):

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