DIY - Original Greeting Card For Mother Day

Hello dears,

I think there is no need to repeat how important mothers are in our lives. For me mother`s day is almost as important as my mother`s birthday. So the first requirement for a perfect mother day present is as sincere as possible! In this case homemade, original pieces in my opinion are the best choice! If you don´t want/can spend much money and time for buying/making a huge present, I think original greeting card is a perfect way to show (and write) how much your mother means to you.

Here are several my already tried ways how to decorate/ make an original greeting card:

  • Decorate your card with dried flowers!

  • Sew material, beading or feathers directly on the card!

  • Make your favorite photo and glue it (frame it) on the greeting card:

  • Pick material with a beautiful pattern, sew some beading and glue it on the card!

I hope these ideas will be helpful for you to create unique greeting card for your mother! :)

P.S. Sorry for the quality of the photos, but on that time when I made these cards I still did not know that I`m going to start my own blog :)

Have a creative day!

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