Visiting Beautiful Rome - Day One

Last week I was visiting a capital of Italy, Rome. And I have to agree with comments, that I read before my travel: Rome is really a huge open air museum with it's welcoming charisma, incredible architecture, tasty food and charming landscape. Sadly, the first day of our tour weather wasn't as good as we expected (it was raining), but still the possibility to walk around in the city without boots, heavy jacket and wool scarf was an amazing feeling. Not forget to mention the green blooming nature - simply breathtaking view! 
First day we visited Vatican city, Vatican museum, St.Peter Prison and Roman Forum. 

About the outfit: When you are on your feet 12 hours per day, the first requirement for the outfit- as comfortable as possible! Second - umbrella should match the look, third - it's Italy, so a little bit of elegance is a must :) The outcome you can see in the photos! P.S. Pearl decoration on the blue sweater is my old DIY and I think it's a really great idea how to refresh an old sweater!;)

Now I invite you to take a look what caught my eyes!

In the Vatican museum garden

Fragment of the painting Adam and Eve 

Inspirational and trendy patterns from Vatican museum exposition 

 Headpiece from feather 

Breathtaking corridor in the Vatican museum

View trough the window... 

Attention to the smallest details

When new meets old (I loved color and texture contrast)

St. Peter Basilica

Rome panoramic view

Visiting Roman Forum

I didn't know which photo I like more, so I added both of them and leave for your judgement :)

I still can't believe that somewhere you can pick them simply from the tree :) 

Panoramic view from Roman Forum:

Rainbow in the sky and everything is just fine...

Under my umbrella 

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