Visiting Beautiful Rome - Day Three

Hello my dear visitors,

Today I would like to show you photos from our last day in Rome. On that day we visited Basilica St. John in the Lateran and Cloister, central park, several shopping streets and just let ourselves walking through the city simply enjoying the view, charismatic atmosphere and of course making photos.

I definitely add Rome to must-see-cities in Europe list :) 

And now third day's impressions in pictures:

 I loved this inner courtyard: so much details, so stylish and elegant:

 Just take a look how beautiful these paintings are! 

Oh, beautiful motorcycle!

  And the practical way to use it :)

Day and...


Last portion of ice-cream...

And buying original fairing 

By the way, it's not the last post from Rome. I also made very special photos for you -my fashion and beauty lovers;) Very soon on my blog... keep updated ;)


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