Sunday, May 19, 2013

DIY- Emerald Statement Necklace

This spring/summer without doubt can be called "The season of necklaces". I love this trend because with one accessory you can add an interesting touch to almost every basic look. What is more there are so many ways how to make an unique DIY piece. I've already showed you how easily you can make necklace out of earrings ( and today I would like to show you how I made this statement necklace out of belt.

You like it? - Then here is the story behind it:

Belt before the change:

Separate the pieces and under them glue leather  

Connect the pieces, you want to see as your necklace, together:
Glue inside a gemstone (I used gemstones from old bracelet)
Enjoy and style your unique necklace:)

 By the way, this necklace is for sale:
 So if you are interested - don't hesitate to contact me :)

Have a good Sunday!!!