DIY- Ombré Style Manicure

In season S/S 2013 Ombre trend is really one of the brightest stars in the fashion sky. But if you don't like ombré style hair dyeing or clothes, then you can make a little trend statement on your nails. I can definitely say that this manicure is my favorite lately, because it looks fresh, original, suits to almost every outfit and what is more is easy to make. I know there are lots of ombré nail tutorials in Youtube, but I created my way of doing it and maybe you will like it too. ;)

And now let's get started! :)

For such manicure you need two matte and one shiny nail polish and make-up sponge.

Step 1. Simply apply nude nail polish. Let it dry;

Step 2. Apply the second color till the middle of the nail and blend the end a little bit with the sponge;

Step 3. Add a little amount of shiny nail polish on the sponge and softly cover the end of the nail with it starting from the end and blending till the middle thus covering all the imperfections;

Congratulations- you are finished!:)

Time to enjoy and make some photos! :)

Have a nice and sunny day!!!

Best wishes!

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