Munich In One Day

Today on my blog - a little tour through Munich captured in pictures. I know one day is not enough to explore all the corners of such a beautiful city, but I'm sure - one day I will be back there ;)

P.S. Click on the picture in order to open the gallery and enjoy  the full quality! ;)

Munich's central square: Marys Square/Marienplatz

The New Town Hall/ Neues Rathaus building details and perfectly matching flowers

Interior of the New Town Hall. By the way this building hosts the city government including the city council, offices of the mayors and part of the administration. Inspiring working environment, isn't it? :)

All windows decorated with stained glass


BMW world. Perfect phrase to remember!

Me trying pure luxury...

For those who love both Mini Cooper and Roberto Cavalli ;)

The rain has started...

Perfect color combination found in a church


Nyphenburg Castle souvenir shop: perfect rack for perfect cups and elegant scarfs

Just take a look how cute is that!!! :)

Bavarian State Opera

English park in Munich: in size of 370 hectares, so it is even bigger than Central Park in New Your City

Alive because of the water...

Slow down... and enjoy your life...

Graffiti art

This is what I call the art of shop window! Attention guaranteed!

In love with these perfect nude outfits

DIY idea for pants from VERSACE

DOLCE &GABANNA 2013 Summer 

One more visual merchandising art from LOUIS VUITTON

Traditional German costumes: looking both modern and stylish! I was really amazed :)

New Town Hall at night... So charming...

I hope you liked my tour through Munich! See you soon on my next post! ;)

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