Slowly slowly streets of cities and shop windows are filled with Christmas mood. Thus our headache: "What gift I'm going to make this year?" is getting bigger and bigger... To avoid the last week panic I would like to share one idea with you now, when you still have time for handicrafts. In my opinion, your best friend, mother or grandmother would be really happy about such handmade original present. 
It's maybe nothing new for you (I mean decoupage technique), but I would like to share my way of doing it in a very simple way. All you need are:
  • Simple wooden hairbrush (I bought mine for 1 Euro)
  • Some table napkins or a beautiful pattern/picture found in the magazine 
  • Nail polish (completely clear one to cover the top and one for decor (if you like, of course)
  • Simple handicrafts glue
So you simply glue the chosen paper/ napkins on the hairbrush and let it dry. Then cover the surface with one or two layer of clear nail polish, and then at the end all you need to do is decorate your hairbrush according to your taste: I used, for example, some silver nail polish and a little bow. 

Hope you liked it and it was an useful post! 

Don't forget- the best gifts you can give for your friends and family are your time, attention and love...and handmade present is one way of saying "I love you" without words... :)

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