My First Halloween Party_DIY Dead Bride Costume

Hello dears,

After very intensive week it's time to remember an amazing Halloween party, which I celebrated for the first time(!) in the perfect location: house Annaberg in Bonn. (Their website: click here)

I think this place was the best location, that could be chosen for such occasion: historical place filled with an outstanding charisma...What can be better? :)

My dead bride costume was made, of course, by myself and surprisingly in one or two hours (this was the time I needed for my veil to finish). What is more, it took me only 15-20 minutes to make my make-up. How I made it? - simply cover your face including lips and eyebrows with white face paint, then make dark circles under the eyes with grey eye shadow, to complete the look add some blood with red lipstick under your nose.

That's it! You are ready for the Halloween party! :)

Once again I proofed that original ideas bring sometimes better results than expensive costumes! :)



[caption id="attachment_1904" align="aligncenter" width="640"]DIY_Walloween make up skull_ skull_make up idea_scary halloween costume_last minute Halloween costume Make-up made by me! So proud of my work and it was so fun to paint on the face! :)[/caption]





Halloween cosume dead bride  face make-up DIY 3

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