Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Trends comes and goes, haute couture, as piece of art, remain in history...

Those who are reading my blog regularly know how much I admire the art of handmade haute couture collections. Haute couture in Paris is a magical event, where main fashion giants in several days (this year on 19- 24 January) present how we are going to look and what we (especially ladies) are going to love in the upcoming season. And now straight to the point-let's enjoy the newest creations together.

This time I would like to start from Valentino collection, which absolutely enchanted me. A little scent of vintage forest, delicate femininity and the whole story, told with one dress. 
Magical dresses tell the stories. Valentino haute couture Paris. Photo source:
Charming deep green. Valentino haute couture Paris. Photo source:
Summer symbol butterfly according to Valentino haute couture, Paris. Photo source:
Brave colors and new interpretation of butterfly by Jean Paul Gaultier haute couture, Paris. Photo source:
Ladies in white and even more butterflies!  Alexis Mabille haute couture, Paris. Photo source:
Loud applause for Armani Prive for this gorgeous sophisticated color palette and "flowing" perfect cuts. Photo source:
Strong, feminine and attractive- here comes the woman of Ulyana Sergeenko.  Haute couture, Paris. Photo source:
Young and modern Dior ladies. (Already found some DIY inspiration here:)) Haute couture, Paris. Photo source:
New original look for mini skirt. Giambattista Valli  haute couture, Paris. Photo source:
There are no summer without flowers and plants. Giambattista Valli  haute couture, Paris. Photo source:
New brave cuts, bright colors and the summer can come! Giambattista Valli  haute couture, Paris. Photo source:
 The king of the evening dresses: Elie Saab, haute couture, Paris. Photo source:
While other fashion houses like Chanel or Dior are presenting modern Haute couture colltections,
 Elie Saab stays loyal to his style and presents grandiose fairy-tale like dream dresses. How beautiful is that?
 Haute couture, Paris. Photo source:
The most beautiful colors and breathtaking beauty. Elie Saab haute couture, Paris. Photo source: 

I'm impressed and you? :)
Have a nice day ;)