Friday, April 25, 2014


Although there are millions of people who are quicker, prettier, smarter and luckier than you - do not forget to run and work hard for your dreams. If you don't, there are other thousand millions, who go for it and actually want your fail and passiveness... Sometimes it's quite sad though, but it is a modern society we created and reality we are living in...

It was some thoughts from my daily notes and I think these words made a great introduction to my dynamic outfit and photos I'm showing you today. You can't imagine how happy I'm because of these pictures: I really love them! And I think this quite decent styling is a good choice for this eye-catching coat. Do you agree? Or would you wear it differently? :) 
Coat: KAKTUS | Jeans: Bershka | Blouse: Clockhouse | Accessories: my DIY | Shoes: Deichmann
Quick shot for my Instagram feed

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Best wishes and have a great weekend! ;)