Hello dears,

I'm so so sorry for the long pauses between my posts, but I have a serious excuse. I haven't written in my blog about it yet, but this summer is going to be very very special for me, because I'm getting married!!! So the reason why I'm not posting as often as I would like, is that wedding stress has already started. Not to forget, that I'm the main creative head and wedding planner of this celebration, so at the moment all my creative ideas and DIY projects are wedding retaled and today I'm sharing with you my first wedding DIY idea, which is super easy to make and can be used not only for the future brides: you can "write" your name or beloved phrase with pearls simply by gluing half pearls on the phone cover :) This is  how my phone case looks: 

And this is wat I used for this DIY project: 
Phone case  | super glue | little half pearls 

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