Hello dears,

How are you doing? Do you realize, that in one week the SUMMER officially starts! Without doubt this is a dream season of all people: a lot of sun, parties, weddings, swimming, grilling, fresh strawberries and much much more fun is awaiting for us! Gosh I'm so exited, I'm sure you are too! :) With every season start, whether we want it or not, we have to organize and plan our wardrobe. So today I want to share with you my personal 8 it-pieces, without I can't imagine this summer. P.S. All pictures were found on Pinterest, so if you are an owner of one of the pictures and you don't what to see your photo on my blog, please contact me and I'll remove it. Sooo let's get started! :)

  • First piece on my must-have-list is white pants. I know, nothing new, nothing special, but definitely super chic, not to forget that white color is super trendy every summer, so once you buy a suitable white pants, you can be sure it will be a right investment not only for this summer.

  • For more courageous ladies I would like to offer boyfriend jeans. They look not only very stylish, but are very practical: wearing them you can forget what "sticky" pants mean and if you choose very destroyed jeans, be sure - ventilation is guaranteed! :) 

  • Chic again - this is how I would describe my third summer it-piece - strap shorts and pants. Frankly speaking, I was never a huge fan of them, but somehow after all the stylish outfits I've seen during spring season,  I slightly changed my mind.

  • For those, who are not very impressed by strap shorts, there are always an old good pair of jeans shorts! I really can't imagine summer without this piece! And I'm sure all men will agree with me, that shorts look sometimes much sexier than short skirts. ;)

  • One more practical piece on my list- midi skirt, which already several seasons placed mini skirt in a shadow. Look at the pictures below, and you will know why :)

  • There is also a queen of the summer on my list - maxi dress, because there is nothing better than a light colorful material playing in the wind and giving you a total freedom of motion!

  •  If you are not a fan of dresses and skirts and still you would like to get a tan on your legs, then jumpsuit is exactly what you need!

  • And last piece on my list is lace dress, without I really can't imagine the summer. There are so many ways of styling it and it always looks so romantic and feminine!

So that's it! And which is your it piece for the summer? :) Please let me know if you would be interested in a similar it summer accessory list, because I could prepare it for you ;)

Have a beautiful Sunday!
Kisses! :*


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