Wednesday, August 6, 2014


So here I am with my personal impressions from June... Actually I'm quite speechless, because it is quite hard to find suitable words to describe this month... maybe "bombastic" will fit here the best... :)
Why June was so special for me?- first of all I got MARRIED(!), had two bachelorette parties (living abroad sometimes has some advantages:)), I was the only person who was responsible for my wedding decorations and style (so it means one week before wedding, instead of working on my tan or beauty, I was preparing hall, table decorations gifts and so on), also I left Europe for the first time in my life for our honeymoon in Bali island and many many other amazing things happened in June, but more details you can see and find in my picture gallery! ;) 
Biggest highlight of the month. Moments of my wedding
My amazing bachelorette party Nr.2 in Lithuania
My a little bit kitschy but very very funny bachelorette party Nr. 1 in Germany
Nail art of the month 
Some casual outfits :) 
Above: my favorite place in Cologne: Flora botanic garden, down on the left, amazing building in D├╝sseldorf
Cosy German city: M├Ânchengladbach 
My DIY projects: HOME letters and picture prepared for this amazing frame
I think I have never flown so many times in one month before. I love it! 
Oh, Lithuanian food- you are so good! 
Flowers for my wedding: peonies peonies everywhere! :) 
Hello Bali! Here we are! :) 

So that's  it for this time!
More pictures from Bali, style posts and even special wedding post are coming soon, so be sure to check my blog regularly! ;)
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Kisses! :*