Hello dears,

Well well well, here I am with my second post from Bali island. This time I'm sharing some photos and impressions from our first hotel we chose for our honeymoon and it was Puri Sebatu resort.

The resort is located in a historical Sebatu village Tegallalang and surrounded with agro plantation and lush green tropical jungle on the hills. So it was, as promised, a pure escape from routine, city life and busy touristic places. We stayed here for 5 days and during this time we could enjoy a traditional hospitality and beyond tasty Balinese food from local restaurant. The resort offers 10 villas with a traditional natural Balinese design, so privacy and personal staff care is guaranteed.

I highly recommend this idyllic resort for all people who love nature and want to experience real Bali. Of course, keep it in mind, that resort is in the middle of the village and jungle, so be prepared to see local monkeys near your deck, huge spiders in the trees (don't worry, they don't attack people, because they eat birds :D), grasshoppers making sound all night long, crowing rooster and booing cows at the morning, various bugs flying around (P.S. I haven't seen mosquito there) and even little lizards walking in your bathroom.  Sounds like a real adventure, doesn't it? And I say - yes, it was definitely unforgettable experience and a pleasant stay!

If we would be looking for the hotel again, we would make the same decision, because Puri Sebatu resort is a place to escape, experience and enjoy! ;)

Local restaurant/lounge. Usually we were sitting there alone, thus becoming the whole staff attention and care.

Valley. The view from out villa.

Our villa!

Our villa again! :)

Local Spa and beauty center.

Waking up with this view... How romantic is that? :)

Our terrace.

Our terrace.

Additionally you can order a romantic dinner. Beyond romantic and idyllic!

Our  honeymoon welcome decorations.

This bed, to say truth, was one of the reason why we chose this hotel.

Waking up and seeing such a ceiling... wow...

Modern and original king size bathroom.

Huge bath with the jungle view.

Our neighbor :D

Local temple. Behind - a place for your outdoor wedding ceremony.

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