Rainy day in Bali

Hello dears and welcome welcome on my new JuliTasteFashion webpage! :) I hope that all that work, I made recently making this page, will be worth it and you will enjoy my blog even more.  So please let me know in the comments what do you think, or what necessary should be changed or improved.  Deal? ;)

OK, now back to my today's post. :)

Although we visited Bali during the dry season, we still faced the heavy rain there, as a result two days (not in a row) we stayed at home (Puri Sebatu resort). Of course, it was quite a pity not to be able to get some sunbathes or enjoy our amazing swimming pool, but as we know, summer rain can be so romantic... Especially when you are in a such nature paradise.

For this photo session I chose my beloved H&M lace dress and my DIY flower crown. In my opinion, my look really fits the atmosphere and romantic mood. And what do you think?

julitastefashion bali

collage sebatu

bali pastel shoes

details bali nail art manicure
bracelet feather bali soft

DIY flower crown Bali


sebatu bali island julitastefashion shoes

feet summer shoes

Bali resort bed julitastefashion

sebatu resort julitastefashion bed romantic

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