DIY - Trendy Manicure for Every Occasion

Hello Sunday, hello my dear readers,

I guess, that for almost half of you, girls, Sunday is the day of preparation for up coming week: to do the laundry, ironing, form your eyebrows, paint your nails and etc. :) So today I'm sharing quite easy DIY manicure tutorial and I hope you will find it useful. :) I really enjoyed this manicure and the best of it is, that it suits to every outfit and to every occasion. Find all how-to-do steps below ;)

Trendy and stylish manicure DIY steps easy

  1. Apply the clear base coat

  2. Place the tape strips on the places where you want to create empty sections

  3. Carefully apply black nail polish (or the other color you prefer)

  4. Apply second and third color between the tape strips

  5. Carefully remove the tape strips

  6. If you want - add silver or golden lines in order to make the manicure even more eye-catching and hide little mistakes ;)

  7. Apply clear top coat


DIY trendy_geometrical nail art_manicure_details

DIY trendy_geometrical nail art_manicure_

DIY trendy_geometrical nail art_manicure_lovely

DIY trendy_geometrical nail art_manicure__

DIY trendy_geometrical nail art_manicure_details_closer

DIY trendy_geometrical nail art_manicure

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