Stylish in a Boyfriend Jeans

Hello dears,

I can not believe it is Sunday again... Can someone stop the time, please?  I'm really sorry for my silence here on the blog last week, but I was so occupied with my DIY projects recently, that I simply had to implement my ideas immediately (if not, these ideas would not have let me sleep at night) :) Result of my work - soon on my blog! ;) P.S. Don't forget to follow my Instagram and Facebook  accounts, where I'm posting every day! ;)

Now - back to today's post! As I have already told you, September in Germany was amazingly warm and it means summer clothes couldn't be hidden in a wardrobe. Basically, I'm in favor of mixing summer and autumn pieces together, for example lace dress or mini shorts will look amazing with long cardigan, leather jacket and biker style boots and white pants will make a fashion statement with wool over-sized pullover. Everything is allowed! - it is a new fashion motto nowadays!

Key piece of my today's outfit - destroyed Zara boyfriend jeans and to say truth, this piece is quite complicated to style, because it completely hides your button part so don't forget to wear more body contoured top and high heels in order to keep a feminine silhouette. Of course, if you are 90-60-90 and absolutely into fashion than also over-sized polo neck pullover will look absolutely stunning on you. Simply be creative and break the fashion rules as long as you feel comfortable and 100% YOU in your clothes!

P.S. If you like my manicure from pictures below, you can find a tutorial on my previous post here.

Kisses! :*


Blogger_julitastefashion_Style inspiration_streetstyle_jeans_details

Blogger_julitastefashion_Style inspiration_streetstyle_jeans_details1

Julitastefashion_ blogger_look_lookbook_outfit_street

Julitastefashion_ blogger_look_lookbook_outfit_detail_

Julitastefashion_ blogger_look_lookbook_outfit_streetstyle_naillart_manicure_nails

Julitastefashion_ blogger_look_lookbook_outfit_streetstyle_

Julitastefashion_ blogger_look_lookbook_outfit_streetstyle__back


Julitastefashion_ blogger_look_lookbook_outfit_streetstyle_naillart_manicure_fashionable

Julitastefashion_ blogger_look_lookbook_outfit_streetstyle__


autumn_dead leaves_yellow_

autumn_dead leaves_yellow_Shoes_selfie



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