White Bench Stories: Leather Skirt Meets Baby Blue

17th September in Germany we had a temperature of +24 C. Is it not amazing? Outside it doesn't look like autumn at all, only the leaves, that slowly change their color remind us, that these lucky sunny days won't last long. So it is a reason to wear something bright and colorful as long as we can :)

These pictures were taken at the end of the August. This H&M pleated faux leather skirt is at the moment my absolutely favorite alternative to my grey Zara jeans. Going to wear it and style it a lot this season. :) What I love about this look - my pastel ombre style manicure! For the first time I managed to achieve a really beautiful color gradient. Tasty looking sorbet ice-cream on the nails - and the good summer-like mood is guaranteed!  :)

Leather skirt_blogger_look_ outfit_DIY necklace_ombre manicure_nails_details

[caption id="attachment_1657" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Leather skirt_blogger_look_ outfit_DIY necklace_baby blue_street_look Skirt: H&M | Shoes: Zara | Necklace: my DIY | top and scarf: secondhand[/caption]


Leather skirt_blogger_look_ outfit_DIY necklace_ombre manicure_nails_

Leather skirt_blogger_look_ outfit_DIY necklace_baby blue

Leather skirt_blogger_look_ outfit_DIY necklace_ombre manicure_nails

Leather skirt_blogger_look_ outfit_DIY necklace_baby blue_street

Zara shoes_blogger_summer

Leather skirt_blogger_look_ outfit_DIY necklace_baby blue_street_flowers

flover_ julitastefashion_ blogger

White romantic bench_julitastefashion_blogger

Leather skirt_blogger_look_ outfit_DIY necklace_baby blue_street_white bench

White romantic bench_julitastefashion_blogger_pink clutch

Ombre_nails_idea_pastels_manicure_blogger_nail art_ julitastefashion


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