Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Hello everyone,

Although there are so many amazing new collections from Paris fashion week, today I wanted to share with you these sunny and playful pictures, because days get shorter so we have to put a lot of sun in our heart storage in order to be able to smile even when it's a rainy autumn outside.

I love jump-style pictures, so to make a photo shooting on the trampoline was my little dream for a long time. This photo shooting was very spontaneous (third day of my wedding celebration) :) , but I'm really happy with the end result, especially I love the sunlight which gives such an enchanting mood.

This post is not about my outfit or fashion, it is about hope, joy and optimism. Dare to be different, create big dreams and keep positive, because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe it sounds a little bit banal, but I believe it's true. ;)

Have a good evening dears!

julitastefashion_flying style_ blogger_jump_

julitastefashion_flying style_ blogger_jump_style_be different

julitastefashion_flying style_ blogger_jump_style_1

julitastefashion_flying style_ blogger_jump_style_original_amazing

julitastefashion_flying style_ blogger_jump_style_different

julitastefashion_flying style_ blogger_jump_style_

dare tp be diferent

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