Last Minute DIY Halloween Make up

Hello everybody,

How was your Halloween weekend? Had a great time? :)

This year my Halloween celebration was not so extraordinary as last year (last year Halloween look you can find here) and to say truth, I wasn't planing to wear or make something special this year, because my plan for Halloween was simply to go to the club with friends. But last minute I changed my mind and decided to make at least a suitable Halloween make-up to my little black dress. Although I hadn't had a clear vision what I'm going to be and this half zombie face idea was very spontaneous, I was at the end happy about my look and had a really great party! :)

[caption id="attachment_1966" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Halloween make up_julitastefashion_DIY bloody It is such a pity, but this picture is actually the only normal picture from the party... We didn't find enough time for a normal photo session this year...[/caption]

Halloween make up_julitastefashion_DIY_3

So what do you think about my beauty and the beast Halloween make-up? :)


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