First Winter Walk in Cologne Harbor

Hello guys,

In Cologne there are three places where I always say to myself: "wow, am I really living in this city?" and they are: Flora Botanic garden, Media park and Cologne harbor, where these pictures were taken. What makes this place so special? - I think these pictures will explain everything :) It is simply an amazing place for a walk, both at night and day!

About my outfit: what I love about winter is layering! It allows to create very interesting looks and what is most important - keeps us warm :) Totally new piece in my closet is this beanie hat, I don't know why, but at the moment it makes almost every outfit I wear somehow complete and I'm pretty sure your mother would be so happy to see you in winter with this normal hat! :) One more piece, about which I want to write a little bit more is my new DIY clutch. Actually, I'm not a fan of leopard print, but in my opinion, in a small quantities, it can give a stylish touch to the minimal, clean outfits. I was not going to make a separate blog post with DIY tutorial for this clutch, but if you would like to sew a similar accessory to yourself or made an original handmade present, then leave a comment below and maybe I'll take time to prepare it for you! ;) 
Julitastefashion blogger_ Koeln Hafen_ Cologne harbour

Julitastefashion blogger_ Koeln Hafen_ Cologne harbour_1

Julitastefashion blogger_ Koeln Hafen_ Cologne harbour_travelling

Julitastefashion_ fashion blogger look

julitastefashion blogger look_studded leather gloves

[caption id="attachment_2223" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Julitastefashion_ fashion blogger look_ I'm wearing: Leo clutch: my DIY | Leather pants: Clockhouse | Jacket: H&M | Pullover: Mango | Shoes: secondhand[/caption]

julitastefashion blogger look_leo clutch_street style_

Julitastefashion_ fashion blogger look_fashion photography

Julitastefashion_ fashion blogger look_fashion photography1

Julitastefashion_ fashion blogger look_fashion photography2

feather necklace blogger julitastefashion

Cologne harbour _koeln hafen

blogger nails_ombre nails_trendy manicure_ombre

New Image

Julitastefashion_ fashion blogger look_1

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