DIY: Ombre Nails in Several Minutes + Video Tutorial

Hello my dears,

Hope you are enjoying a lazy Sunday with your beloved ones! :)

Actually I wanted to share these pictures and tutorial before Christmas, but time flies so fast, that I just can't realize that today is officially the first day of the spring... I really love ombre nails (my recent ombre manicures you can see here and here), but the problem is, that it takes simply too much time to make them look so beautiful. As you might have already read and seen, usually to achieve such manicure, you have to use a sponge. Thus at the end all your fingers and cuticles are polished, what is really annoying, because then it takes hours to clean everything.

I created my way of doing it quicker and easier, so today I'm showing you my very first video tutorial, how in several minutes, without any experience and big efforts, you can make this beautiful wine red ombre nails. :)  

Hope you will like my video and you'll find it useful for your next manicure evening!

Kisses and wishes!!!

ombre nails_diy easy tutorial_

ombre nails_diy easy tutorial ombre manicure

ombre nails_diy easy tutorial

ombre nails_diy easy tutorial__

ombre nails_diy easy tutorial__blogger nails

ombre nails_diy easy tutorial__blogger

Nail polishes I used: ombre nails_diy easy tutorial__nail polish

And here is how I did it! :) 


If you still have any questions - feel free to write a comment! :)

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