Nordkirchen Castle | Striped Maxi Cardigan

Living abroad without family and closest friends is really hard, but the positive side of it- there are plenty new places to visit and explore. Sometimes you just need to turn on to the other street than usually and you could find something, that you never expected: romantic park, strange original building or blooming exotic tree. I call it : living the life with eyes wide open for something new!:)  When we (me and my husband) have time, we are looking for new destinations around our city and it is such a good feeling when you can find a beauty like this only at a distance of 100 km. These pictures were made in Nordkirchen castle, also known  as a Versailles palace of Westphalia region. :)

[caption id="attachment_2950" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Nordkirchen germany_palast_castle_julitastefashion stripes - Copy I was looking for the long time for over-sized cardigan, which can be styled as a coat in spring and I found it in... you won't believe- Primark! It was one of these buying experiences: "I saw it, I want it! - it suits me!- I bought it! :D[/caption]

Nordkirchen burg germany_palast_castle_1

[caption id="attachment_2941" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Nordkirchen burg germany_julitastefashion Absolutely casual traveler look. I'm not even pretending that this look is very high fashion. :) Less is more and feeling good in your skin and clothes is the only thing that matters ;)[/caption]

Nordkirchen burg germany_palast_

Nordkirchen burg germany_palast_castle

Nordkirchen burg germany_palast_castle_

Nordkirchen burg germany_julitastefashion_

Nordkirchen germany_palast_castle_julitastefashion striped cardigan

Nordkirchen burg germany_palast_castle_2

Nordkirchen burg germany_palast_castle_3

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