3 in 1: Edgy, Elegant and Sporty

Combining different styles and textures - oh, yes! - that 's what I call the fun of dressing up! :) As I always say: actually there are no fashion "no goes", as long you can make the final outfit look harmonious and you wear it with the confidence, nobody can tell you that sport pants doesn't suit with the high heels or socks look terrible with the sandals! So free yourself from "what-others-will-think-about-me" and try every day something new, because if you'll be scared to make a failure, you might also loose the chance to create something BIG!

Have an adventurous weekend guys! ;) Julitastefashion_Fashion blogger_Germany_style

[caption id="attachment_3058" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Julitastefashion_Fashion blogger_Germany_style_1 I'm wearing: Blouse, Bag: Zara | Pants: H&M | Earrings: My DIY | Shoes, Waistcoat: No Brand[/caption]

Julitastefashion_Fashion blogger_Germany_style_

Julitastefashion_Fashion blogger_Germany_style_11

Julitastefashion_Fashion blogger_Germany_style_2

Julitastefashion_Fashion blogger_Germany_style_details

Julitastefashion_Fashion blogger_Germany_style_3

Julitastefashion_Fashion blogger_Germany_style_details_

Julitastefashion_Fashion blogger_Germany_2

Julitastefashion_Fashion blogger_Germany_style_ shoes

Julitastefashion_Fashion blogger_Germany_style_ black

Julitastefashion_Fashion blogger_Germany_style_ black1

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