To Love This Summer - Palm Leaf Print

Hello guys,

Here I am again, back from my three week holiday! I took more than 2000 pictures during our Scandinavian trip and I'm really excited when I'll be able to share them with you! But until then, some time for editing is needed. :)

The interesting part of working in a fashion industry is to watch what new new season will bring and which piece/ print/ cut become "IT" in every fashionista's closet. Last year I prepared a post with IT pieces for the summer (you can read the post here) and the good/bad new is (in my view)... that there are not so many huge differences this year in compared to last year S/S season (OK, culottes were not on the list last year, but about them we'll speak next time). So generally if you have a lace dress,  jeans shorts, maxi dress, white sneakers, something with flower print, fringes or stripes - you can survive this summer in a fashionable way without any additional spending. However, if you are a passionate fashion lover all the time looking for something new and original (like me), then I hope you'll find this post, presenting my favorite print for the summer 2015 - palm leaf print, inspiring and useful.

Enjoy! ;)Blazer, palm leaf print








palm leaf print summer

Palm tree print_ Summer 2015_1__

Palm tree print_ Summer 2015_2


Palm tree print_ Summer 2015

Palm tree print_ Leaves print_ Summer 2015e8738b1a78e82eff1d80dd5a086868b9

[caption id="attachment_3005" align="aligncenter" width="640"]cover@x2 H&M summer campaign 2015. This dress on the right is on my wishlist. What do do you think?[/caption]

Palm tree print_ Summer 2015_


[caption id="attachment_3007" align="aligncenter" width="633"]e7d91304ea5ff792cfb5e4121ff813cc I LOVE palm leaf print for interior too!!! Looks so original and fresh![/caption]


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