Travelling Diary | Mykonos, My Love

If you are looking for great destination for your summer holidays, put Mykonos on your list and you won't regret! You will make amazing pictures on every corner, enjoy the best Greek food, swim in the clear sky blue see, nevertheless Mykonos is famous for it's nightlife, so to sum up, Mykonos offers the best conditions for your perfect holidays.

I left my heart in those narrow, cozy white streets of Mykonos, I'm sure you will leave too. =)

mykonos 2

mykonos ss

Mykonos _greece 2_ Mykonos tourism architecture_julitastefashion
Mykonos _greece_ julitastefashion_holidays
Mykonos _greece_ julitastefashion_holidays_summer style

[caption id="attachment_4785" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Mykonos _greece_ Mykonos Venice_julitastefashion Little Venice of Mykonos - great place to watch the sunset ;)[/caption]

Mykonos _greece_ julitastefashion
Mykonos _greece_ Mykonos tourism architecture_julitastefashion

Mykonos _greece_ julitastefashion_holidays_ tourism _Mykonos streets

[caption id="attachment_4787" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Cute cat in Mykonos_ Greece_ julitastefashion_ travelling What a life... I'm jealous :D[/caption]

Julitastefashion 2 mykonos

Mykonos _greece_ julitastefashion_ nail art

[caption id="attachment_4779" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Mykonos _greece_ julitastefashion_holidays._Mykonos tourism _Mykonos streets 2 Shopping streets of Mykonos[/caption]

Mykonos _greece_ julitastefashion_holidays._Mykonos tourism _blue


Mykonos _greece_ julitastefashion_holidays._Mykonos tourism _ shopping Mykonos

Mykonos _greece_ Mykonos tourism_julitastefashion

Mykonos shopping_swarovski in Mykonos_ greece

Mykonos _greece_ julitastefashion_holidays._Mykonos tourism _Mykonos streets

Mykonos _greece_ julitastefashion_holidays._Mykonos tourism

Mykonos _greece_ julitastefashion_holidays._ tourism _Mykonos white streets1

Julitastefashion mykonos


Mykonos _greece_ julitastefashion_holidays._ tourism _Mykonos white streets

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